Power-Up is defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary as:

‘the process in which something that needs energy or power to operate is turned on and prepares for use: the first power-up of any laptop may require you to make choices.

extra abilities in a computer game, that you can earn or buy: The player also can attract various power-ups, or game bonuses.’

But what does the phrase ‘Power-Up’ mean when applied to human thinking and behaviour? Is it something that we do when faced with a challenge or difficult situation? Is it about building energy and finding extra abilities? Can we define it as the processes we use and strategies we develop to become stronger? Can it help us to deal with the tricky stuff of life?

Artists Katie Smith and Kate Genever have made it their mission to find out. This blog is an ongoing exploration into what it means to different people to Power-Up; when and how they do it and what it looks like.

Katie and Kate invite you to get involved in their Power-Up mission or take inspiration from it if you need a boost.